Jun 06, 2018

ONPod Ep. 9: Predictions, Anyone? (Guests Bruce Anderson and Dr. David Coletto, Abacus Data Inc)

Authored by:

Ihor Korbabicz

Ihor Korbabicz

Abacus Data's Ihor Korbabicz sits down with Abacus Chairman Bruce Anderson and CEO Dr. David Coletto. The three talk about where the election is heading in its final days, what the parties could do between now and E-Day to win (or avoid total oblivion if you're a Liberal), and the concept of making public outcome projections based on poling data.

The ONPulse podcast is a companion series to a 360 public affairs polling and analysis project run by Abacus Data with partner agencies Summa Strategies and spark*advocacy. Tune in for weekly clips on Ontario polling and analysis by leading experts, talking heads, and just about anyone who wants to drop by to chat politics.

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